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CBS council releases OCI report

By Chris Lewis | Nov. 19, 2020

The Town of Conception Bay South is now in possession of a document sought after by many residents concerned about the proposed infilling of part of Long Pond harbour.

The proposed remaking of the harbour to accommodate a proposed new wharf and cold storage plant by Ocean Choice International caused the town to order a Land Use Impact Assessment and to address concerns raised by the public.

At its public meeting Tuesday, council agreed to release the report the following day.

Councillor Rex Hillier, who told his colleagues the report is in hand and ready for public consumption, did not speak to its findings, but noted it will be available for public viewing on the town’s website.

“The next couple of weeks we’ll spend evaluating this report, and from the Town’s point of view, Stantec – a third party engineering firm – will do the evaluation for us,” Hillier said. “I’m sure there will be people among our residents who will also want to review this document.”

Hillier added there will be further opportunities for the public to comment on the development.

He suspected that, due to COVID-19 restrictions, it would likely be in the form of a Zoom call.

However, if there are residents out there who wish to make comment immediately, Hillier said that those individuals should do so via e-mail to the Town’s planning department, which can be reached at

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